Top 5 Provinces for Unskilled Workers in Canada

Top 5 Provinces for Unskilled Workers in Canada

Unskilled labor occupations in Canada can be filled with little or no training. These are occupations that can be fully learned in thirty days or less. There are certain requirements and a proper application process when applying to work in an unskilled field in Canada as a foreign national. Nearly every industry in Canada needs individuals with various skill sets. A list of qualifying in-demand professions is available for each province and territory.  

Farm workers, cleaners, sweepers, and grocery clerks are a few professions that call on unskilled labor. They also work washing vehicles or delivering newspapers to people’s houses. Robotic computers often known as computers with artificial intelligence are progressively displacing unskilled workers.

Unskilled workers are essential to the labor market as a whole since they can do a variety of manufacturing jobs that don’t require technical expertise or skills. The highest-paying unskilled occupations in Canada are those in nurseries and greenhouses. The creation and maintenance of all plants, trees, and other living things used in homes, offices, farms, and other public spaces are the responsibility of nursery and greenhouse workers. Most experienced workers earn up to $47,990 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $34,613 annually.

If Canada is a place you are looking to live in, then it is definitely an interest for you to review the top 5 provinces for unskilled employees outline below.


5 Popular Canadian provinces for Unskilled Workers

1. Alberta

Alberta is a province in Western Canada. Mountains, plains, desert badlands, and huge coniferous woods are part of the region’s scenery. It boasts rich mineral reserves and numerous lakes. There are significant problems in Alberta that are slowly weakening the province’s economy. If these problems are not addressed quickly, Alberta will eventually deteriorate to the point where it will no longer be recognizable because of this the province has opened its doors to foreign nationals workers. These issues are:

  • The Aging Labor force
  • Skill shortage

In Alberta, there is a need for professionals with soft skills such as:

  1. Trappers and hunters
  2. Harvesting laborers
  3. Landscaping and grounds maintenance laborers
  4. Aquaculture and marine harvest laborers
  5. Mine laborers

2. Nova Scotia

The Latin name for Nova Scotia is New Scotland. It belongs to one of the four Atlantic provinces, and one of the three Maritime provinces. Fishing, mining, forestry, and the extraction of natural gas are a few of the leading professions or industries in Nova Scotia. There is a significant demand for these professions, which explains the province’s high acceptance of unskilled workers in its rural areas. Here are a few of the careers that don’t require much ability that is in high demand.

  • Carpenters
  • Transport truck drivers
  • Delivery and courier service drivers
  • Heavy equipment operators, except crane
  • Construction trades helpers and laborers

3. Prince Edward Island

Canada’s eastern province is called Prince Edward Island. It is a sizable island famous for its red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and lush farms. Additionally, it is known for seafood like lobster and mussels. The capital Charlottetown is home to the Confederation Centre of Arts, which has a theatre and an art gallery as well as Victorian government buildings, satisfying jobs, and employment opportunities are available in various industries including agriculture, fishing, and tourism on Prince Edward Island. There is a high need for the following jobs in Prince Edward Island.

  • Transport truck drivers
  • General laborer
  • Cleaners
  • Construction trades helpers and Laborers
  • Fruit pickers
  • Cleaning staff

4. New Brunswick

There are many natural attractions in New Brunswick including rivers, mountains, pine forests, and the magnificent bay, where visitors worldwide come to see the whales. The province is stunning in every way. It is a terrific area to settle down as an unskilled worker and News Brunswick is a city brimming with chances. Forest, mining, and fishing play a significant role in New Brunswick’s economy, which is mostly resourced-based. The unskilled jobs in demand in New Brunswick include:

  • Delivery and courier service drivers
  • General farm workers
  • Fish and seafood plant workers
  • Long haul truck drivers
  • Delivery workers
  • Material handlers

5. Newfoundland and Labrador

It is well-known fact that Newfoundland is a charming province. The province is renowned for both its distinctive characters and its colorful homes. One of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, Newfoundland has a long history and is also one of the most scenic. It distinguishes itself from the other provinces because of its appealing facilities, historic buildings, and winding lanes. Fishing, forestry mining, and manufacturing are among its well-known industries. In Newfoundland and Labrador, a few of the jobs that are in demand include:

  • Delivery and Courier service drivers
  • Fish and Seafood plant workers
  • Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors, and specialized livestock workers
  • General farm workers
  • Long haul truck drivers
  • Bus drivers, subway operators, and other transit operators

Can an Unskilled Worker get Permanent Residency in Canada?

Under the British Columbia Nominee Program’s Entry level and Semi-skilled worker category, unskilled workers can also apply for permanent status. Additionally, they can submit an application for residency through the In-Demand Skill Stream program and the Northeast Pilot Project (British Columbia) (Ontario).

Which Canadian Province has the most Unskilled Workers Vacancies?

There are almost 16,000 unfilled positions in British Columbia.

Who is considered a low-skilled worker in Canada?

In Canada, individuals who are classified as low-skilled workers typically have experience working in the trades, primary industries, sales, and services as well as in specialized administrative and assistant role