Steel Fixer Jobs in Dubai

Steel Fixer Jobs in Dubai

If you’re interested in Steel Fixer jobs in Dubai, there are a few things you should know about the job. The primary responsibility of a A steel fixer is responsible for installing and fixing steel bars, mesh, and other forms of reinforcement materials that are used to strengthen concrete structures.

Steel fixers play a vital role in Dubai’s construction industry, where tall buildings and sprawling infrastructures dominate the skyline.. They must be skilled in reading blueprints, measuring the required materials accurately, bending rods as per specifications using machines or by hand, cutting wires to size with pliers or bolt cutters.

A typical day for a steel fixer involves working with other tradespeople such as concrete workers and crane operators. The work can be challenging as it requires long hours on their feet under different weather conditions. Steel fixers must have an excellent understanding of safety procedures as they frequently work at heights above ground level. They must wear protective gear such as hard hats and harnesses while working on sites.


Steel Fixer Jobs in Dubai

Industry: Construction

Career: Entry Level

Job Location: Shiekh Zayed Road Dubai 

Salary: AED 1500-1800

Experience Required: less than 1 year

Job Type: Full Time

Gender: Male only

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Steel Fixer Jobs Responsibilities

  • your job responsibilities are critical to the success of any construction project.
  • As a steel fixer, you’ll be involved in this process from the beginning.
  • Steel fixers use various tools such as tape measures, levels.
  • Emergency response,
  • your job responsibilities are critical to the success of any construction project.
  • Good communication skills.


  • The candidate have high school diploma.
  • less than 1 year of experience in a same field.
  • Good command over English.
  • 10 vacancies available .
  • Food and Accommodation provided by company.

How To Apply

If you are excited and willing to apply for Steel Fixer Jobs in Dubai , you can call the following contact number for applying procedure.

Email Address:

Contact No:  0544581398

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