Packaging helper Job in Dubai

As a packager, you put products into containers, seal and label them, and prepare them for shipping. Packaging is also known as product packaging. So if you are planning to move to Dubai in the upcoming weeks and looking for an easy job? If yes, make sure to apply for this job as soon as possible. 


What does a Packager do?

Packagers serve a number of important purposes between buyers and manufacturers. Among them is checking that the products work properly. In case any products are defective, they need to be discarded.

A packager weighs, labels, and records information about each package to ensure it is suitable for shipment into containers. Moreover, the packager needs to guarantee that the packages are delivered to specific locations, such as loading zones or storage rooms. The packers should do an exhaustive job. It is important to pay attention to details.

In order for items to reach their destinations safely, the packager must ensure that they are packed appropriately. Packaging containers must be sealed securely. Tools, adhesives, padding, and other protective items must be available for them to use. All safety standards must be observed by packers, including keeping the work area clean.

Packager Responsibilities and Duties

  • Put goods into containers, stacked and piled.
  • Ship goods as soon as possible.
  • They must be packed according to specific instructions.
  • Packing containers should be cleaned and prepared.
  • A damage-free container must be checked.
  • Check to see if the items have been correctly removed from the package.
  • A package database should be maintained.
  • Measure, weigh, and count products using forms and papers.
  • Make sure your inventory is up to date.
  • If products or materials are completed or defective, they may need to be moved on a conveyor belt or stored in a special space, like a loading dock.
  • The containers should be sealed and labeled.
  • Complete packages and move them to load.
  • Different products or merchandise are loaded or stuffed.
  • Items should be counted.
  • Make sure packing lists are accurate.
  • Containers should be marked and labeled.
  • Attach fasteners and glue to containers to seal them.
  • Use marking tools to identify containers.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Know how to pack and ship in-depth
  • Operating a shipping vehicle
  • Knows how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply
  • Continually work in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment for prolonged periods of time
  • Ability to organize well
  • Details are carefully considered
  • Ability to communicate well

Packaging helper Job in Dubai Details

Industry: Advertising

Career: Mid Career

Job Location: Dubai

Salary: AED 2001-2500

Experience Required: Less than 1 Year

Job Type: Full Time

Gender: Any

Contact No.: 971502532826

Email: [email protected]

Street: Al arouba street

Country: Dubai


An experienced packer or someone who has worked in a similar role, such as a truck loader, order picker, etc., is required for this position. A significant portion of their time will be spent on their feet. Experience packaging goods for shipment in a warehouse or factory is a requirement for packers. Working as an apprentice in a warehouse would also be an asset for packers. Bubble wrap and other packing materials should be familiar to them. An experience with computers is also helpful for logging in items and managing an inventory.

It is material used to wrap a consumer item to help it to be contained, identified, described, protected, displayed, advertised, and otherwise promoted.

To apply, please send your resume to HR at +971502532826