How to Get Discount on Air Tickets (12 Tips to Consider)

How to Get Discount on Air Tickets?

Traveling by air can be expensive, especially if you have a penchant for flying at a moment’s notice or during peak travel seasons. Airfare often constitutes a significant portion of travel expenses, and saving even a small percentage on the ticket price can make a world of difference to your overall budget. But fret not—there are a plethora of ways of how to get discount on air tickets without having to compromise on comfort or convenience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve just that.


1. Book Early But Not Too Early

You’ve heard the saying, “the early bird catches the worm,” right? Well, in the world of air travel, the early bird often catches the best deals. Airlines usually release their tickets about 11 months in advance, and in the first few weeks, you’ll find some of the lowest prices. However, that doesn’t mean booking a year in advance is always the best option. According to various studies, booking about 50-70 days before departure often yields the best rates.

2. Be Flexible with Dates and Airports

The ability to adjust your travel dates and the airports you fly into and out of can save you a lot of money. Weekends, holidays, and peak travel seasons are often more expensive times to fly. Sometimes, flying mid-week can save you hundreds of dollars. Also, check if there are alternative airports near your destination or departure city. The fare difference can sometimes justify the extra commute or a rental car.

3. Utilize Fare Comparison Websites

Websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights are excellent tools for comparing prices across multiple airlines. These platforms aggregate ticket prices and present them in an easy-to-navigate manner. Be sure to use their flexible date options to see if flying a day or two earlier or later can save you some money.

4. Consider Layovers

Direct flights are convenient but often more expensive. If you’re willing to endure a layover, you can substantially reduce the ticket price. Just make sure that the layover time is reasonable and that you’re not risking a missed connection.

5. Use Airline Miles or Points

If you’re a frequent flyer, chances are you’ve accrued some airline miles or credit card points. Keep track of them and know when and how to redeem them for maximum value. Many credit cards offer significant signup bonuses that can be converted into airline miles.

6. Sign Up for Alerts and Newsletters

Many airlines and travel websites offer price alerts for specific routes. Sign up for these alerts and get notified when there’s a price drop. Some airlines also offer exclusive discounts to their newsletter subscribers. While it might clutter your inbox a bit, the potential savings are well worth it.

7. Browse Anonymously

It’s not a well-documented fact, but some experts argue that airlines and booking websites use cookies to identify your browsing habits. This can result in price hikes for the flights you’re interested in. To avoid this, always browse in incognito or private browsing mode when searching for flights.

8. Take Advantage of Student and Group Discounts

Some airlines offer special discounts for students, military personnel, or large groups. If you fit into any of these categories, it’s worth investigating these options. You’ll often need to book directly through the airline’s website or call their customer service to avail of these discounts.

9. Use Social Media and Apps

Airlines sometimes release special promotions or codes exclusively through their social media channels. Follow your favorite airlines on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and keep an eye on their posts. Additionally, some airlines have mobile apps that offer exclusive deals, so it might be worthwhile to download these apps and monitor them for offers.

10. Book During Sales and Use Promo Codes

Airlines often have sales around holidays or low-booking periods. Pay attention to these sales, but also check if the sale actually represents a discount over typical pricing. Use promo codes in conjunction with sales to double down on your savings.

11. Check for Hidden Fees

A low ticket price may be enticing, but always read the fine print. Some low-cost carriers make up for their low ticket prices with high fees for luggage, seat selection, and even in-flight refreshments. Make sure to calculate the total cost before you book.

12. Consult a Travel Agent

In this age of DIY online bookings, the role of a travel agent may seem obsolete. However, they have access to exclusive packages and deals that aren’t available to the general public. A consultation might save you more than you think.


When is the best time to book a flight to get the lowest price?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, data suggests that booking a flight approximately 50-70 days before the departure date usually yields the best prices. However, this can vary depending on the season, airline, and destination. Keep an eye on fare comparison websites for fluctuations in ticket prices.

Can I really save money by booking a flight with layovers?

Yes, opting for a flight with one or more layovers can often be more cost-effective than a direct flight. However, make sure to consider the duration of the layover and the reliability of the airline to avoid missing connections, as that could end up costing you more in the long run.

Do students and military personnel get discounts on air tickets?

Many airlines offer special discounted rates for students, military personnel, and sometimes even for large groups. These discounts may not be prominently advertised, so it’s advisable to check directly with the airline’s customer service or on their official website for such offers.

What are the risks of booking flights during a sale?

While sales often offer genuine discounts, there’s also a risk of hidden fees, stringent cancellation policies, or inconvenient flight times. Always read the fine print and compare the sale price with regular fares to ensure you’re actually getting a good deal.

Wrap Up

By employing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the cost of your air tickets and make your dream vacation—or even that last-minute business trip—more affordable. With all the money you save, you can indulge in other experiences, making your journey even more memorable. Safe travels!